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What to do when you hear a tornado warning

If you hear a “Tornado Warning” seek safety immediately!


–  Abandon mobile homes — they are not safe even when tied down. Go to a designated shelter

–  Go to a basement or interior room on the lowest floor (bathroom or closet without windows, under stairs). Get under a sturdy piece of furniture.

–  Cover yourself with a mattress or blanket

–  Put bicycle helmets on kids

–  Put on sturdy shoes

–  Put infants in car seats (indoors!)

–  If you have time, gather prescription medications, wallet and keys.

–  DO NOT open your windows!

In a vehicle:

–  Leave the vehicle for sturdy shelter or drive out of the tornado’s path

–  DO NOT hide under overpasses — they provide no shelter

–  Last resort actions – stay in your vehicle or abandon for a roadside ditch


–  Find a culvert or cave.

–  Find something to hang onto.

–  Lie flat in a ditch.

–  Cover your head.

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